Because we all know how important good adjudication is both for your learning process and that the right teams break we not only got great CAs but also invited lots of experienced adjudicators to Vienna.


  • Maja Cimerman
    Maja was the European ESL champion, winning the title in Amsterdam. She also spoke at the ESL final in this year’s Worlds in Botswana. Maja is also remembered as the DCA of the VIV11.
  • Michael Shapira
    Michael is the current ESL World Universities Debating Champion. He was also a Semi-Finalist at Euros (2011) as well as finalist of many competitions in Israel and abroad. As an adjudicator Michael has judged the final stages of various international tournaments. He was also the CA of the Israel Open, DCA of the Israeli nationals and adjudicator of the EU-China Int’l Tournament.
  • Mark Manson
    Mark broken as a speaker at the LSE Open and as a judge in Oxford, at Euros and also judged the grand finals of 7 Ivs. He was the DCA of the Estonia Open last year.

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